Topic: Natural Disaster

Taiwan officials concerned post-earthquake

By Taroi Black

The 6.4 magnitude earthquake which struck near the coast of Taiwan has caused major problems for the city of Hualien leaving about 40,000 homes without water and causing one of the hotels to topple, killing two people.

Emergency services rushed to the scene late last night. 

Hualien County Commisioner Fu Kun-chi says, "What we can see on the road is the third level, however the first and second level has caved in with the basement floor underground. We've made contact with someone who’s currently trapped in the first floor."

People were filmed climbing out of buildings as they made their escape. Meanwhile one driver even filmed flying debris on a bridge.

Taiwan resident Tobie Openshaw says, "All over Taiwan, only one building went down. Often that is down to exactly where the vault line is and where are the vibration lines going so that one particular building is in that line it will be shaken more and also we do have older buildings that are not as strong."

The local Hualien County Commissioner has raised concerns over ongoing aftershocks since last night’s 6.4 earthquake that could result in the Marshal Hotel building collapsing, with two more people still trapped inside.