Samoan Airline to base airfares on weight

Samoa's domestic airline, Samoa Air, are deserting the traditional way of charging people for airfares for a new system that charges by weight.

The airline flies between the country's two main islands, Upolu and Savai'i, and also flies to American Samoa and Tonga.

Prices vary, but the shortest inter-island flight equals about 72 cents per kilo, so if you weighed 100kg your flight would be $72, not including baggage.

The Human Rights Commission says under the Human Rights Act, weight is not a grounds for unlawful discrimination, and that the Act does not apply in this case because the airline is outside of New Zealand.

However the most commonly used inter-island transport options is the ferry, which has a comprehensive schedule, for around $6.

Te Kāea also contacted Air New Zealand, who say it has no current intention to charge passengers per kilogram of body weight.