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A safety message for hunters

By Online News - Rereātea

The New Zealand Police are urging hunters to take care of themselves when going hunting.

Acting Superintendent Mike McIlraith says, “Hunting season is approaching, and it is important hunters keep themselves and others safe”.

He also says the responsibility is on the shooter to identify their target, “The consequences of failing to fully identify a target beyond all doubt are immediate, tragic and catastrophic”.

The Mountain Safety Council say 92 percent of misidentified target incidents occur when the individuals involved are less than 75m apart.

“There is a general perception that the misidentified target incidents are across a valley, several hundred metres away, when in actuality they aren’t,” says Chief Executive Officer of Mountain Safety Council Mike Daisley.

Outdoor and hunting safety information can be found on the Mountain Safety Council website, and hunters at all levels of experience are encouraged to check out this material.