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R&V's leftover tents donated to Salvation Army

Rhythm and Vines revellers are finally returning home from Gisborne but all their left-over tents will be put to good use.

7000 campers have been living among the vines for three days and the mess they’ve left is not a pretty sight.

Founder and Director, Hamish Pinkham says, “We engage a lot of the local crews to come and help pack down the festival and all the tents that are left over we give to Salvation Army.”

It's not only tents that are left behind by the masses but loads of rubbish.

Arnie Apirana of Waste Management says, “It's phenomenal. Usually it's not this bad but this year it's pretty bad.”

As thousands make the journey home, police stops are still out in force.

Security officer Trish Hina says, “They've been really responsible. Most of the groups have had one sober driver just to get them so they travel home safely.”

Eastern District Police say it was a well behaved crowd this year. Only four arrests were made, three for disorderly behaviour and one for assault.