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Report card on Māori MPs

By Native Affairs

Last year New Zealand voted for change.  Out went the Māori Party, in came another wave of glory and promise.  

Senior Māori MPs now hold 18 portfolios, from corrections and tourism to employment, education and health.  If they're not the minister, they're the associate.

So, how are our Māori MPs going? 

Native Affairs was joined by Stuff national correspondent, Carmen Parahi, and current affairs producer, Roihana Nuri to discuss.

Parahi says, “I don’t know who they are, the government.  I don’t know where they stand on Māori issues.  We’ve all but disappeared, I feel, especially after the budget.  Māori specific policies were cut in half.”

Nuri says, “We let them have this honeymoon period to try and understand what their jobs are.  Some of them were more prepared to be ministers than others and some are still coming to grips with what their roles and responsibilities are. 

"Some are outstanding performers and others have just disappeared into the background and are better as opposition MPs.”