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Prominent Māori women extend invite to Chris Brown

By Harata Brown

Prominent indigenous Māori women have extended an invitation to Chris Brown and plan to provide a traditional Māori welcome for the American hip-hop sensation at Ngā Whare Waatea Marae in Auckland.

Dame June Mariu, Dame June Jackson and Dame Tariana Turia were present along with the former CEO of NZ Refuge Merepeka Raukawa-Tait, who extended a warm welcome to Brown on the condition that he act as an ambassador of anti-domestic violence.

According to Former Minister of Whānau Ora, Dame Tariana Turia,  "Now, good, bad, ugly or otherwise, the truth of it is that young people are more likely to be in tune with Chris Brown than they are with one of us."

Raukawa-Tait says, "We believe in redemption, reconciliation and we believe in rehabilitation.  We do not believe that we should kick someone to the curb because they had an assault charge on their partner."

Yesterday on Twitter, Brown expressed his interest in doing just that, saying that, "Life mistakes should be a wake-up call for everyone."  That he is "trying to prevent spousal abuse."

Jevan Goulter, acting on  behalf of Brown's tour promoters Castor and Ford Tours claims that news reports in relation to Brown being barred from specific countries are incorrect. 

"Chris Brown has not been excluded from the UK and he has recently received a visa to go into Canada and perform, that's something that hasn't been coming across the media lately," said Goulter. 

Tickets for the One Hell of a Night concert set for December have gone on sale, but Brown is yet to apply for an entry visa to New Zealand.