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Production underway on Taika Waititi's new film Thor: Ragnarok

Production on Taika Waititi's new movie Thor: Ragnarok is underway as the cast and crew began filming in Queensland yesterday.

Māori actor Cliff Curtis and Māori broadcaster Tainui Stephens were among those who attended the ceremonial service by the local indigenous people to kick start work on the set this morning.

They joined Australian lead actor Chris Hemsworth and Mark Ruffalo, who plays Marvel character Hulk.

This is the third movie instalment about the Norse god of thunder and is the biggest box office hit to be directed by Waititi so far.

The previous two films reached a combined $1 billion.

Another New Zealand connection to the film is Kiwi actor Karl Urban, who is set to play the Asgard warrior Skurge.

Tainui Stephens told Kawe Kōrero Reporters last night that Mark Ruffalo in particular was very interested in the indigenous culture of both the Aboriginal and Māori people.

The film is expected to be released in November next year.