Police caution drivers to take care travelling home

By Wepiha Te Kanawa

The holiday road toll is at an all-time high at 16 and police say it could get worse in the coming days as holiday-makers return home.

Police are pleading to drivers to be careful on the roads. The holiday road toll is already double what it was last year.

According to, Officer Danny Meade, “The road toll currently stands at 16, the most recent death is a result of injuries sustained in an accident ont he Boxing day on the 26th of December.”

Police say alcohol, speeding and driver fatigue are all factors in eight of the crashes over this holiday period.

Officer Danny Meade says, “Sometimes it’s quite obvious when you get to a scene of a crash you tell straight away by the state of the vehicle and the people in it, maybe alcohol is a major contributing factor and also the damage of the vehicle indicate a lot of speed would be a contributing factor. But at the moment we are looking at a combination of those certainly major causes for a great deal of these fatalities.”

With the holiday period coming to a close, police say patience is the key.

“Be patient! you will get home eventually, you may not get home as quicly as you like but you will get home.”

The holiday period road toll ends tomorrow morning at 6am, police encourage all drivers to take extra care when travelling home.