Plunket calls for more supportive spaces for breastfeeding mums

By Online News - Rereātea
image provided by Plunket

Plunket is calling on businesses and organisations across the country to provide a supportive space for breastfeeding mums as international breastfeeding week kicks off today.

Plunket National Advisor, Marianne Grant says “In many towns and cities around the country, mothers often struggle to find somewhere comfortable and indoors to feed their babies when they are out and about.  Plunket would like to see cafes, shops, businesses, council buildings and government departments do their bit to give the next generation the best possible start in life.”

This Friday and Saturday breastfeeding mums and their supporters will participate in Big Latch On events across the country to promote and protect breastfeeding.

Grant says, “Breastfeeding is a normal part of everyday life.  We encourage any business or agency who has a suitable breastfeeding space to display a sign in their front window and note it on their website. Parents can also find the names of many cafes and public spaces that are accessible to baby buggies on the Be Accessible website.”

 “Plunket’s goal is to see more babies being exclusively breastfed and extending the duration of breastfeeding. For this to happen breastfeeding mothers need a supportive environment.”

Image provided courtesy of PLUNKET