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Pearce's behaviour prompts NZMRL to take a stand


The Sydney City Roosters have stood down their captain, Mitchell Pearce following the release of a video of him imitating sexual acts with a dog.

The debauchery ensued and quickly went viral on the internet. This came after a day trip with the club to celebrate Australia Day.

Mitchell Pearce captain of the Sydney City Roosters is now being investigated by the NRL. This has caused the New Zealand Māori Rugby League to take a stand according to its CEO, John Devonshire. A warning has been issued to protect Māori players from similar pitfalls of the game.

Sydney Roasters Coach, Trent Robinson says, “The behaviour was unacceptable and at the Roosters we can’t accept that and we won’t.”

A video of Mitchell Pearce at a house party celebrating Australia Day has gone viral, and he is right in the mix.

This disrespectful behaviour has caused a reaction from the New Zealand Māori Rugby League CEO, who says enough is enough.

“You'd be seriously considering whether you would keep that player on your books. No player is indispensable,” says Devonshire.

This is not the first time Pearce has found himself in trouble because of issues with alcohol. The latest fiasco however, could well and truly signal the end of his career.

Trent Robinson says, “We're going through what we believe our course of action should be, and we'll discuss that with the NRL.”

However, that response doesn’t satisfy the NZMRL.

Devonshire says, “When you get a negative behaviour, of course there has to be some sort of action that fits the crime so to speak.”

This is not a new trend in the NRL. In 2015, Dylan Walker was hospitalised after overdosing on prescription medicine.

More recently, Kevin Locke was released from Wakefield after an alcohol related incident.

The big question, when will it stop?

“End of the day he is human. He's got to take responsibility for his actions and his actions are unacceptable,” says Devonshire. 

The main message from the NZMRL is to be alert at all times.

Devonshire says, “Being responsible and taking responsibility for your actions around alcohol and drugs."