Official opening for 12th Pacific Arts Festival in Guam


Over 2,500 performers from around the pacific gave a display of culture and art to a crowd of over 5,000 people at the Paseo stadium in Guam. 

The 12th Pacific Arts Festival was opened by this year's hosts, the Soloman Islands.   

Maisey Rika says, “I feel like I have felt the spirit of our ancestors supporting us here at this event.”

Tonight marks the official opening of this festival.  Each delegation will perform and also gift the hosting nation something from their country.   

Haumakanui Pakarati of Rapanui says, “We dance for our ancestors, our chiefs, the sea, the wind, Mother Nature. Our dance represents our true history, and we do dance with all our aroha.”

New Zealand has a contingent of close to 100 members.  Tonight's exchange was all about sharing. 

Te Kahautu Maxwell says, “We have come to teach the people here, as well as the people of the land all the mediums of arts known to us.”

For the next two weeks, countries will be able to showcase their culture on an international stage.