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NZ Māori Council drops court bid to halt TPPA

The New Zealand Māori Council will not be taking the Government to the High Court in a bid to stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement. That's because it's a no-win situation. 

Council co-chair, Maanu Paul told Te Kāea that his lawyers’ advice is contrary to the council's initial wishes.

Paul says, “Lawyer Richard Fowler QC said that we will not be lucky because it is not the right time and we will not win our case.”

After being advised by his lawyers that his group will not win, Paul is still confident that they will find a way to stop the TPPA from going ahead.

“I do not support and the Māori council does not support any treaties from overseas that come to override my treaty of Waitangi. That is the problem,” says Paul.

He will be traveling to Waitangi this week to lobby for a collective legal approach among Māori to stop the TPPA agreement.  

“I've put the challenge on the table. When it is time, the challenge will rise again,” says Paul.

The signing of the TPPA agreement between 12 countries is set to take place this Thursday in Auckland.