NZ Defence Force response to Nicky Hager book.

By Heta Gardiner

The New Zealand Defence Force has made public statements regarding the accusations from the book Hit and Run authored by Nicky Hagar and Jon Stephenson, which claimed that six civilians were killed in a raid in Afghanistan led by New Zealand soldiers.

The Defence Force claims the book is inaccurate and it should be binned. They say the location and many of the details in the book about the raid were wrong, including some of the facts around civilian deaths.

But the Defence Force strongly refutes any suggestion that the raid was an act of revenge.

The Defence Force claims to have a video showing the legitimacy of the raid and proving that those set upon were insurgents, so time will tell if that tape is released to the media. 

The Prime Minister wasn't taking the bait either. He won't call for an inquiry and refuses to be completely reeled.