Native Affairs - Palestine

More than 1000 Palestinians and 40 Israelis including New Zealander Guy Boyland have been killed in the latest conflict, for 21 days bombs and tanks have pummelled Gaza while Hamas has fired rockets into Israel it’s the latest outbreak of violence in a bloody and long running dispute.

The war over Palestine is nearly 70 years old, in 1947 the UN granted Jewish immigrants 55 percent of the Palestinian’s homeland, since then Israel has continued to encroach further and further into Palestinian territory. It’s estimated that Israel now occupies around 80 percent of what was once Palestine.

Today the UN says some 5 million Palestinians are refugees, the latest round of bombings were sparked just after Palestinian rebels kidnapped 3 Israeli teenagers from settlements in the West bank. Hamas continues to deny responsibility for their deaths but has been heavily criticised by the UN for breaking a humanitarian cease fire.

The UN is warning of a dire humanitarian crisis in Gaza where one child is being killed every hour, to discuss the situation, Mihingarangi Forbes was joined in studio by Journalist Mike McRoberts who has just returned from Gaza this morning.