Motorists reminded to keep safe over long weekend

By Kimiora Kaire-Melbourne

Labour weekend is fast approaching and many are planning the first long weekend after winter. The New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) is urging everyone to stay safe on the roads.

It is expected that roads in Auckland and Northland in particular will be busy.

Transport Agency’s Safety Director Ernst Zöllner says, “Increased traffic volumes, tiredness and driving in unfamiliar environments can make driving over these long weekends not only more stressful but also more risky.

During Labour weekend last year there were 78 reported injury crashes and 3 fatal crashes which resulted in 3 deaths and 21 serious injuries. Therefore, motorists are being warned to take care this long weekend.

Ernst Zöllner says, “Remember you’re sharing the road with many others, you have a responsibility to be courteous and patient to ensure you look after yourself, your families and other road users.”

NZTA is also asking motorists to plan ahead and avoid peak hour travel times and congestion hot spots.

Zöllner says, “We know that traffic is heaviest heading north on State Highway One between Puhoi and Kawakawa from mid-afternoon on Friday and again on Saturday morning, and then returning south again from 10am on Monday morning”.

It’ll also be busy heading south out of Auckland on SH1 from midday on Friday until around 8pm and then again on Saturday from about 9am, and picks up again heading north to Auckland from lunchtime on Monday through until 7pm.

Planning your journey outside of these areas and times will help to reduce congestion and keep traffic moving.

For a more detailed breakdown of the congestion hot spots and to get more regular updates on traffic on your travel route, click here.