Topic: Employment

Mormon missionary returns to fulfill career path

By Numia Ponika-Rangi

There are many tertiary students who have served two-year missions with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who say the experience has given them confidence to continue in furthering their studies.

Olivia Rapata is one of the many Mormon missionaries now committing their time to creating brighter futures.

Rapata says, “It was 18 months mission in Brazil Sāo Paulo, and I learnt how to be self-motivated and how important is my own learning and how I guess people really matter.”

It was the on-going support and love of Rapata’s whānau that helped her succeed in serving her mission.

“My family they really helped me out financially to help fund my mission, knowing that they were back here and that they loved me helped me I guess adjust to Brazil and work in a new country as well,” says Rapata.

Rapata is currently studying Science and Law at Auckland University, she believes there is a growing demand for more Māori in these areas.

"Yes I'd say especially in science there's not many people in the field that I study and in law as well. In law there's a great support for Māori students they have great programmes and tutorials and they really want us to get into law." 

Rapata returns next year to complete her studies.