Labelled a child killer because of non-vaccination

A blogger who chooses not to vaccinate his 3-year-old daughter says he’s been called a child killer because of his decision.

Auckland father Christian Hunt, who has a Youtube channel “I’m Just a Dad” says he receives both support and abuse for not vaccinating his daughter.

“Child killer, that I’m a child abuser. There are comments that it’s white privilege. It’s not white privilege. The needle goes into everyone. We made a decision we took our time, we investigated and we learned how to raise and care for our child.”

Hunt appeared on Māori Television’s Native Affairs, alongside Dr Lance O’Sullivan, to discuss last week’s implementation of Australia’s “No Jab, No Pay” policy, stripping tax credits for parents who don't keep their kids' jabs up to date.

He says New Zealand should stay away from this policy.

“It’s a dangerous route to go down. You are taking away parent’s freedoms that put us on a slippery slope to forced medications which is against our bill of rights.”

But O’Sullivan says this country should follow Australia’s lead.

“Vaccinations, the science is really clear. It offers incredible benefit to provide health and wellbeing to children of New Zealand. To not do it is not on. We need to encourage people to make the right decisions,”