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Kong movie expected to wow audiences

Image taken from Kong movie youtube trailer.

The latest remake of the 1933 classic King Kong is a high intensity action movie with “amazing” special effects.

Native Affairs story producer, Aroha Awarau, watched the movie Kong as it was released in cinemas today and spoke to Kawe Kōrero Reporters about the film and says it’s better than Peter Jackson’s version in 2005.

Awarau says, “Peter Jackson’s version was over three hours.”

“This film is contained within the normal two hour time frame.”

Produced with a budget of $190,000,000 this new take of the classic King Kong sees a team of scientists, soldiers and adventurers explore an uncharted island in the Pacific.

Awarau says the team of explorers want to take advantage of the island but are unaware they are venturing into the domain of the mighty Kong, and discover they have to fight for their survival.

In this movie, Kong doesn’t leave the island to climb New York City’s Empire State Building like the classics but instead he remains on Skull Island to protect the indigenous people.

Awarau says Kong “is kind of like an unlikely hero.”

“He’s like a kaitiaki of Skull Island. “

“And he protects the indigenous people.”

Awarau gave the movie two “ape thumbs up” but says “it’s not for the kids though, it’s pretty violent.”

“But I recommend you see it.”