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Kiwi's tale of urn ashes passes Graham Norton's Red Chair

By Rewi Heke

A London-based New Zealander managed to conquer Graham Norton’s famous red chair.

Kiwi-born Brad Baxter shared an embarrassing story with his British audience.  Baxter was caught in a downpour while studying in Italy when a lovely woman offered him some shelter and a spare change of clothes.

While changing into some trousers, Baxter accidentally fell and bumped into a book shelf knocking over an urn that smashed on the ground.

Baxter later realized that the urn held the ashes of the woman’s husband.  To make matters worse Baxter was wearing the same pair of trousers that a photo showed of the woman and her husband.

“As I managed to pull the trousers up around my waist and started to clean up the mess that I made, I saw a photo and it was the lady’s husband, well what looked like her husband and he was wearing the same pants I had just put on.”

After leaving Norton and his guests in hysterics and successfully passing the challenge, Baxter nevertheless bravely opted to be flipped off the red chair.