Topic: NZ Defence Force - Te Ope Kātua

“Kiwi Forces Radio” helps families reach out to deployed personnel

By Kimiora Kaire-Melbourne

New Zealand Defence Force personnel deployed on missions overseas will carry a piece of home with thanks to the Kiwi Forces Radio.

The show was not aired in 2014 because of the low number of deployed personnel.  Kiwi Forces Radio will be back on air this year, helping nearly 600 NZDF personnel to get through the Christmas season spent away from loved ones.

Kiwi Forces Radio plays messages and songs requested by family and friends

Kate Lukins volunteers her time to produce the show and has been doing this for the past five years.

She says, “I feel privileged to be able to assist families in delivering messages to their loved ones overseas.  I just want to give something back to these men and women who put their lives on the line and help other people.  They are giving so much for us and our country.”

Deployed personnel and their families have given positive feedback.  Families say they appreciate having the chance to record messages and dedicate songs to the ones they love.

“Some kids have brought the CDs to school to share with their classmates.  I’ve also received email messages from our deployed personnel thanking me for producing the show,” said Ms Lukins.

Families and friends of deployed forces are asked to send a song request no later than November 13 by emailing with their name, landline or mobile number.

Kiwi Forces Radio can also be downloaded from the NZDF website.