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Kiwi detainee's worst fear on Christmas Island

By Ripeka Timutimu

One Kiwi detainee on Christmas Island is in fear for his life after riots broke out at the Australian detention facility where he's being held.

"We need help from anywhere, anywhere,” says detainee Ronald Neilson.

Another detainee Lewis Hohua says the riots occurred after the death of one of the detainees.

“Basically hearing the news of Fahzel dying, it's just gotten everybody quite upset, we are sick of hearing people killing themselves and hurting themselves,” explained Hohua.

MP Kelvin Davis visited the island last week meeting with many of the Kiwi detainees.  He says the Australian Government needs to take responsibility.

According to Davis, “This is on them.  They have detained these men, even though they've served their sentences in prison.  Now they've locked them up there.”

A spokesperson from the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection confirmed a disturbance at the facility and that no injuries have been reported.  But Neilson remains sceptical.

He says, “It’s worse than hell.  There is no food, we are all hungry and you have to survive on whatever you can find, I'm pretty scared, like we all are.”

Neilson and Hohua hope a solution is sought as soon as possible.