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John Key feeling the heat over Christmas Island saga

By Ripeka Timutimu, Te Ao Māori News

While Kiwi detainees on Christmas Island are feeling the heat from the Australian Government over riots at a detention facility, Prime Minister John Key is feeling the heat from the Opposition over the matter.

Female MPs some of them victims of sexual assault have united in requesting an apology from Prime Minister John Key over his comments saying Labour "backed rapists.”

Key said, “But Mr Speaker, when it comes to these people coming home to New Zealand, as long as they have the travel documentation, I have a responsibility to the New Zealanders here at home, Labour are backing the rapists.”

It was newbie Marama Davidson who took one for the team saying, “As a victim of sexual assault, out, out the Member must get out.”

The Māori Party has also criticised the Government over the Christmas Island detainees' debacle, specifically ex-Kiwi soldier Ko Rutene.

“Ko Rutene was picked up on his way out of a prison having visited somebody, he was surrounded by Police officers and now he finds himself deported,” said Marama Fox.

Australian authorities say they have Christmas Island under control but Fox will be taking Rutene's case to the Prime Minister when her party meets with him tonight.

Fox says, “We all have major concerns for those in these detention centres.  Who is looking after them?”

Tomorrow, we may see Key extend a helping hand to Rutene and other Kiwi detainees on Christmas Island.