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Hang up immediately - avoid phone scams

By Online News - Rereātea

Hang up immediately!

Police are warning the public to avoid being scammed by hanging up on suspicious phone calls following a number of recent reports of an automated phone scam.

Senior Sergeant Charles Ip says the automated call is in a Chinese accent claiming to be from DHL.

Apparently, the automated call tells the phone user that DHL has goods waiting for them. Then the user is asked to press 9 to talk to somebody to discuss details, that person will ask for personal information.

The recent calls follow a spate of similar scam calls reported last November pretending to be from the Chinese Embassy, in which people were called by a number, seemingly identical to that of the Embassy, and were asked to provide personal information.

Police advise if you are possibly on the receiving end of a spam call:

  • To hang up immediately
  • Double-check details first, if it doesn't seem right, be cautious
  • Look after your personal details, these are very valuable to scammers. They can use your details to take out loans or run up debts if they can.
  • Be aware of common scams.  For example, banks, Immigration New Zealand or Inland Revenue never email, call or text customers to ask for money to be sent using money transfer services.


  • Don't trust anyone who calls you and asks for your financial related information, such as your account details and password.

If you have been targeted by a scam, report it immediately via the Consumer Protection's Scamwatch website, Netsafe also has some helpful information on its website.