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Global hack poses threat to all wifi users

Internet NZ is urging wifi users to update all their devices to protect them from a global software hack.

The internet world was caught in an online frenzy today as researchers discovered a software attack threatening the security of wifi networks around the world.

Internet NZ chief executive Andrew Cushen spoke to Māori TV’s Kawekōrero Reporters.

He says, “The number one piece of advice I have for everyone right now is that this is the moment that you’ve got to update your devices.”

“There’s been a new vulnerability in wifi networks and how they’re secured. And it’s creatively called KRACK. Which means a Key Reinstallation AttaCK.”

The attack allows hackers to break through secured wifi networks and steal data such as passwords, messages, videos and photos.

Cushen says, “It means that parties that aren’t you could read what you’re sending over your wifi network.”

Malicious software can also be injected into a consumer’s network configuration.

“They could also change where your traffic is going, to send you off to a different website than that in which you intended.”