Topic: Health

Global condom shortage

By Rukuwai Tipene-Allen

Pharmac has told medical professionals across the country to ration prescriptions of Durex condoms.

The shortage is as a result of increased demand.

The NZ Aids Foundation say that for some this is a big issue.  Executive Director of The New Zealand Aids Foundation Jason Myers says, "Condoms are the critical tool that'll prevent HIV transmission but also that range of STI's.  For a long time they've been the centerpiece of our HIV prevention and messaging".

The Aids Foundation relies heavily on condoms for their work, distributing around three quarters of a million condoms a year to promote safe sex. 

Whatitiri Te Wake says this could have a negative effect on people because a lot of diseases are preventable through the use of condoms.

Te Kāea contacted Pharmac for further comment but they were unable to provide a response on the issue.