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Game of Thrones dragon will die says Māori vlogger

updated By Taroi Black

Following today's season, premiere, Māori language internet blogger Dean Mahuta believes this season's Game of Thrones will leave people with a lot of surprises and anticipation.

The so-called epic series of Game of Thrones is in the top five most talked about shows on YouTube. 

It's also brought in the attention of Māori language vlogger, Dean Mahuta, in which he's received positive feedback from YouTube subscribers.  

Dean Mahuta says, "I find it great that this show brings in a lot of different theories and opinions. But I thought this was also an opportunity to do it all in the Māori language."

Many vloggers have different theories on what will happen in the new season. Mahuta believes there will be a slight spin in the story about Daenerys Targaryen's dragons. 

Mahuta says, "I think one of the dragons will die and be reincarnated by the Night's King which will give the show more of an edge in which Daenerys has already got the upper hand."

"Viserion, who was named after her brother, would be the perfect character to oppose her, in terms of the dragon that dies."

The new season will bring seven episodes.