Former Police Chaplain goes on Hunger Strike

By Te Kāea

Former NZ Police chaplain Mareikura Collier has started his hunger strike in Ruatoria in support of Deputy Police Commissioner Wally Haumaha.  

The 76-year-old worked alongside Haumaha as a chaplain and believes he has been unjustly judged for past mistakes.

Collier says, "Like vultures, they're picking at the scraps from the past and they're still there scavenging but they haven't acknowledged the great things he has also accomplished." 

Haumaha was appointed Deputy Police Commissioner in May this year which lead to a government inquiry around the appointment process.

Collier, who is a diabetic, is not afraid to continue his hunger strike until the mana of Haumaha is recognised. 

"I'm not afraid to stand up for [Haumaha].  I will not let fear deter me, instead his efforts and contribution is enough to see me through."