Topic: Weather

Extreme weather linked to climate change

By Te Kuru o te Marama Dewes

The hottest summer on record in New Zealand has come to an end.  However, NIWA says we can expect more extreme weather in the future.

In their latest report, NIWA attributes the extreme conditions experienced here in NZ to a combination of a marine heatwave and an increase of winds coming from the north. 

However, the big difference is climate change.

NIWA explains that the earth is now warmer than ever and that the main contributing factor is carbon emissions. NIWA says that the extreme weather we've experienced is linked to climate change.

Despite the record temperatures, the rain has been the most disruptive factor as we've seen extreme weather across the country including Tropical Cyclones Fehi and Gita.

Heavy rain has resulted in flooding which has seen landslides, temporary closures of schools and airports and evacuations around the country.

According to NIWA, although it won't be every week or every season, weather events are expected to become more frequent and more intense over the coming years as the world heats up and as carbon emissions remain high.