Emma Clewlow-Anaru crowned Miss Ink NZ 2015

By Wepiha Te Kanawa

She's not your average pageant queen but Emma Clewlow-Anaru is New Zealand's first Māori Miss Ink.

At the age of 17, Clewlow-Anaru got her first tattoo, now the 27-year-old has over 80 hours of beautiful ink across her body. 

Clewlow-Anaru believes it’s the cultural association displayed in her tattoos that won her the competition.

She says, "Obviously I love Tā Moko and it was the first tattoo that started my obsession with it and It definately did, I love the style and if you can find a tattoo artist that you love you can just go in and tell them what shape and what you want it to mean and they can draw up this amazing piece."

Clewlow-Anaru competed against 36 other girls from across the country to make it to the finals in Christchurch over the weekend. She says, "I'm a really creative person so it's just a way for me to show my personality on my skin and have other people be able to look at it and see a little bit about me."

Now with the crown and title, Clewlow-Anaru has more work to do and more tattoos to add to her collection.