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Economist challenges business employers to up their pay

A leading economic research company is challenging all businesses to become living wage employers.

This comes on the eve of Business and Economic Research Limited’s (BERL) 60th anniversary celebrations.

BERL chief economist Dr Ganesh Nana told invited guests, economists and business people, at a gala function in Wellington tonight, that BERL had a commitment to the wellbeing of current and future generations.

Dr Nana spoke to Kawekōrero Reporters and says he wants businesses to be brave and up their employees’ wages to gain better productivity.

“I think it’s the first step for New Zealanders and New Zealand businesses in general to get out of our low wage business model that we seem to have fallen into,” said Dr Nana.

“If we start walking the talk in terms of lifting peoples pay and actually encouraging people to work and giving them the right tools and the training to go beside them. Then we might actually start seeing that productivity lift.”

The living wage has been calculated at $20.20 an hour but the minum wage is only $15.75.

“What I’m calling for is actually businesses to step up rather than continuing to call on the Government the hard yards,” said Dr Nana.

“We don’t want the minimum wage businesses here in New Zealand.”