CORE Education provides free online resources for teachers

By Harata Brown

For the month of October, CORE Education plans to provide free online support and resources to educators in a series of online activities with the aim of connecting educators world-wide.

A new approach to professional development has now gone live.

Te Mihinga Kōmene from CORE Education says, “This initiative brings together a network of people and experts to offer professional development to teachers and those who want to do well in education.”

CORE Education is running a global platform available to anyone who is interested in engaging with expert teachers through online forums, live streams from an expert educator's conference and more.

Kōmene says, “It's a platform that provides podcasts, blogs and webinars. It's easy for the public to access. The best thing is that it's free and available to anyone around the world.”

Kōmene, who is a part of CORE Education's Māori Medium Team says strategies to lift Māori educational achievement in New Zealand will also be provided.

“It's widely known that they aren't achieving at the same level as other girls in schools, so this is an avenue to enhance their learning environments and outcomes,” adds Kōmene.

The month-long initiative is aimed at all educators in New Zealand and around the world.

The aim is to help develop their online and digital skills so they can transfer that knowledge back to their own learners and colleagues.