Chris Brown thanks Dame Tariana Turia for her support


Hip hop star Chris Brown has taken to twitter to publicly thank Dame Tariana Turia for her support of his proposed visit and concert tour in NZ.

Chris Brown tweeted, "Nothing more amazing than strong women. Thank you to Dame Tariana Turia and everyone who showed their support in NZ."

Brown also thanked a group of prominent Māori women from the National Urban Māori Authority for their for support and extending an invitation to the superstar for a pōhiri at Ngā Whare Waatea marae.

Brown wrote, "Sending a Thank You to the Māori woman leaders working in Domestic Violence at the National Urban Maori Authority for their support. Much love to Dame Tariana Turia who has been vocal that I have something important to say in giving young folks hope and inspiring them to be the best they can be in life and to treat each other with respect."

Earlier this week, Hon Dame Tariana Turia threw her support behind Brown, saying she was prepared to support his application to visit New Zealand.

Yesterday, Dame June Mariu, Dame June Jackson and Dame Tariana Turia held a press conference along with the former CEO of NZ Refuge Merepeka Raukawa-Tait, and extended a warm welcome to Brown on the condition that he act as an ambassador of anti-domestic violence.

According to Former Minister of Whānau Ora, Dame Tariana Turia,  "Now, good, bad, ugly or otherwise, the truth of it is that young people are more likely to be in tune with Chris Brown than they are with one of us."

Tickets for the One Hell of a Night concert set for December have gone on sale, but Brown is yet to apply for an entry visa to New Zealand.