Children in CYF care could be helped by Māori women say Māori Women's Welfare League

By Te Kāea

The involvement of Maori women could be the key to helping Maori children in CYFs care according to the Maori Women’s Welfare League.

National President Prue Kapua says, “Of the 5000 children in state care, almost 3,000 are mokopuna Māori.”

“It is time now for the Government to listen to the solutions we can offer as League women involved in our communities.” She said.

A report released last month by the Children’s Commissioner Dr Russell Wills shows children who had been in CYFs care who had reached 21, 80 percent did not have NCEA Level 2 and over 30 per cent had a youth justice referral by age 18.

"This simply cannot be allowed to continue," says Social Development Minister Anne Tolley.

Kapua says, the League can reach into communities in ways that departments and organisations cannot.  

She says “We know our communities, we live in our communities… this is our strength and is what sets us apart,”