Topic: Environment

Cash back for plastic?

By Online News - Rereātea

Zero-waste campaigners have collaborated on an open letter to Parliament calling for the introduction of bottle deposits.

The campaigners argue that a cash-back-for-plastic initiative would see increased recycling rates and decreases in litter across Aotearoa.

"We've already had tons of organisations, community groups and businesses sign on to the letter and we're excited to make room for more, it's the start of something big," says The Kiwi Bottle Drive plastics campaigner Holly Dove.

"With China refusing our waste alongside an increase in plastic production, it's vital New Zealand addresses its plastic crisis - and fast".

The launch event, run out of Auckland Central Library next Tuesday May 15th, will be a chance for the public to connect with oceans and plastics campaigners over free food and drinks, and take action on plastic says Dove.

"There will be speakers from across the anti-plastic movement sharing their wisdom, a chance for the public to ask questions and find out how what they can do about waste issues here in a New Zealand setting".

"It will be fun, interactive and a great opportunity to network, share kai and kōrero with like-minded folk".

The letter is open for any organisation, community group or business to sign in support.