Topic: Cricket

BLACKCAPS look for clean sweep

By Taroi Black

There is plenty of motivation heading into the BLACKCAPS' last match against Pakistan in their five-game series. That’s according to Martin Guptill who says they could complete a royal flush in their ODI matches.

Today's training was optional for the BLACKCAPS as they look for a clean sweep against Pakistan.

Top bowler Trent Boult was missing in action, however, Colin Munro who scored a half-century in the previous match claims Boult is struggling with his recent performance.

Munro says, “I know he wasn't happy with his performance in the last game but that's what happens. He'll bounce back once he gets the chance again.”

Meanwhile, Martin Guptill is looking for his perfect ODI game yet again since last year in March where he recorded the highest second-innings score of 180 unbeaten runs.

Munro explains, “That's cricket, isn't it. You’re not going to make a 100 every time you get out to bat. We've been putting out good contributions and everyone does their job and that's all we can ask at this stage in the team. The personal milestones will come in due time.”

Their fifth and final match against Pakistan is in Wellington tomorrow where fine weather is expected.