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Bachelor NZ's only Māori contestant eliminated

This year’s Bachelor NZ has seen its only Māori contestant eliminated from the show on its third episode.

Mariana Morrison, a granddaughter of Lady Kuia Morrison and the late Sir Howard Morrison, spoke to Kawe Kōrero Reporters about her short time on the show.

She says, her whanau have reacted positively from her part in the production and it didn’t really phase her being the only Māori on the show.

“I was just there to find love. I wasn’t really bemused by anything else that was going on.”

The TV Three series is into its third season and the girls are vying for a red rose from bachelor Zack Franich.

Morrison says, "Going into the cocktail party last night I didn't think I was going home."

“At the end of the day he’s got some amazing ladies to choose from so I’m sure he’ll be happy with whomever he chooses in the end."

She says, "We're just in two different parts in our lives."