Atua Māori inspired fitness programme launches

Māori performing arts company, Hawaiki Tū is launching the Māori Movement programme in Tauranga today.

Māori Movement is a unique health and wellbeing programme that brings together the traditional training of warriors (both male and female) into a modern interpretation.

They base their fitness and movement system around knowledge of Atua Māori to inspire the approach to each movement sequence.

There are a number of courses to choose from, including Tāne-Mahuta, Haumia-Tiketike, Rongomatāne, Rūaumoko, Tangaroa, Tāwhirimātea and Tūmatauenga.

The Māori Movement programme was designed and created by Beez Ngarino Te Waati and supported by Maori Movement Practitioners Kura Te Waati, Sophie Williams and Edmond Eramiha in conjunction with their advisors. 

On the Māori Movement website there is a series of video lesson plans that explains each course in detail.

All level 1 video lessons and explanatory videos are freely available. To access Level 2, 3 and premier level of each movement, and get the full benefits of the programme, people must subscribe.

The official launch is a koha entry and will include a 45 minute class with the Māori Movement. Spot prizes are also up for grabs.