Applications open for those doing 'Good in the Hood'

Community groups doing good in their neighbourhoods can now apply for the Good in the Hood awards.

It's an initiative run by Z and provides support to local groups that are making a difference in their community.

Every Z station in New Zealand will be giving away $5,000 to help their neighbourhoods. $4,000 of this will be distributed between four neighbourhood groups or projects that help people in need.

Each station will select four groups that are supported by their site in 2016, and customers then vote for them.

Z's Community Manager, Christine Langdon says, “There’s no way that we could know what matters to the diverse communities around New Zealand better than the locals do, which is why it’s up to our local service station teams, and our local customers, to decide what they want to support.”

Each of the successful groups will receive a share of the $4,000 per Z site. Customers will have the chance to decide how much each group gets by voting with an orange token each time they visit Z during the month of May.

“The remaining $1,000 will be used by our local retailers throughout the year to support other neighbourhood projects and initiatives around each Z station,” says Langdon.

Applications for Good in the Hood are open from 1 to 29 February.

To apply, click here