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ANZAC - Te Kāea morning update

By Dean Nathan, Heeni Brown, Ripeka Timutimu, Stephanie Huriana Fong, Te Ao Māori News

Te Kāea has its team of reporters based at commemoration and memorial services throughout the country today celebrating our ANZAC troops courage and strength.

As part of Māori Televisions special dedicated coverage of ANZAC, throughout the day our news team will be bringing you updates from memorial celebrations around the country and the world.

First up,  we cross to our reporter Heeni Brown who attended the dawn service at Auckland Museum this morning where thousands gathered and among them a variety of special guests took part in celebrations including Willie Apiata VC who gave a heartfelt speech in honour of our veterans.

We then cross to our reporters Ripeka Timutimu in Wellington and Dean Nathan in Whangarei who both attended celebrations in their regions.

For full in depth coverage of these events tune in to Te Kāea tonight at 5:30 and 7:00pm with subtitles on Māori Television.