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ANZ unveils new Matariki ATM designs

By Online News - Rereātea

To coincide with the Māori new year, several ANZ ATM machines will feature distinctive Matariki-themed embellishments. 

The works of art were created by contemporary Māori visual artist Simon Te Wheoro.

The concept of this year's creation depicts the rising of Matariki and the beginning of a new year. 

Te Wheoro’s design incorporates a number of customary Māori patterns, including the tāniko pattern and features seven moko kauae designs to represent Matariki and her six sisters.

“Inspired by the tradition of navigating by the Matariki stars, the moko kauae are set against a triangular tāniko pattern, which I’ve used to depict a traditional constellation identification game known as “mahi whai.”

“The tāniko is represented in gradients of blue, to capture the feeling of new beginnings and new life. The mountains featured at the base of the ATMs acknowledge Papatūānuku, mother earth. The two mountains seen from left to right are Karioi and Mauao, sacred landmarks that form part of my genealogy,” Te Wheoro explains.   

It is the third year that ANZ has created special ATM surrounds to mark Matariki.   

ANZ’s Head of Māori Relationships David Harrison says, “ANZ’s on a journey of building greater cultural competence across our organisation. Our Matariki ATMs are just one example of the opportunities we create each year for our staff and our customers to engage and learn more about Māori culture.

As well as celebrating Matariki through our ATMs and staff events, we’re also encouraging staff to use te reo Māori as much as possible throughout July, especially during Māori Language Week from July 4 - 10. With each year we’re building greater momentum and it’s great to hear people’s confidence grow as they use and hear more te reo Māori on a regular basis.” 

The Matariki ATMs will be displayed at the following branches:  

• ANZ Tauranga branch, 1 Grey Street, Tauranga • ANZ Willis Street branch, 22 Willis Street, Wellington  • ANZ Kaitaia, 111–113 Commerce St, Kaitaia