$2.7mil Te Mātāwai contestable funding not iwi-specific

A further $2.7mil contestable funding has been announced by Te Mātāwai for te reo Māori revitalisation but this time, it's not iwi-specific. An Auckland-based Māori language resource developer says it's a push in the right direction.

The race to secure Te Mātāwai funding has begun.

Board member Scotty Morrison says, “The number of applications, that's a sign of the state of the language, the passion and hunger people have for the revitalisation of our language.”

$2.7 million dollars is available in this round and applications should align with focus areas of innovation, connection and sustainability.

Morrison says, “When you're writing your application or filling it in online think of ways to link it back to those three key focus areas.”

Mihi Shaw is the co-director of Māori language resource Whēako and was unsuccessful in a previous application for Te Mātāwai iwi specific funding.

"We applied to be registered on the Mātāwai funding round but because it was restricted by iwi groups we couldn't actually target that funding and so that took us a step back."

But she's hoping this round, being open to all, will bring further opportunity.

"It's really exciting for this round to be open to all sectors of those who are passionate about te reo, for Whēako we are really excited."

Applications close at 5 pm on Wednesday the 25th of July.