WorldSkills competition opens doors for young trades people

By Heeni Brown

WorldSkills is a competition where young trade’s people exercise whether they have what it takes in their chosen profession.

20-year-old Kasseyjean Samuels works in hospitality and WorldSkills has opened her eyes up to opportunities she never could have imagined.

10 napkins in 10 minutes. 20-year-old Kasseyjean Samuels took us through one of the challenges she'll be facing at the Oceania WorldSkills competition.

She says, "I'll be doing fine dining so that's just serving four guests and I'll be doing wine identification, spirit identification, bar-tending, fruit carvings and doing a desert on a gurd-on in front of my guests."

New Zealand WorldSkills CE Bruce Howat considers the event as the trade-Olympics, where young people come aged 23 years and younger.

He says, "It's testing young people against other people in the same trade and then we take them from New Zealand on to the rest of the world.  It's a good way of benchmarking is New Zealand up to a very high standard."

New Zealand will competes in 19 trades and like Samuels, competitors look to carve their way to the top of their game.

Bruce Howat says, "When they go to the international competition you actually have international corporates walking around with open cheque books to try and poach competitors."

Next month, the Oceania WorldSkills competition will be held in Hamilton, where Kasseyjean Samuels will be able to demonstrate whether she has what it takes to go to the next level which is the International WorldSkills competition in Sau Paolo, Brazil later on in the year.