Topic: Education

Whitireia Polytechnic music students put to ultimate test

By Ripeka Timutimu

A group of Whitireia Polytechnic music students are being put to the ultimate test this week to gain their degree after three years of hard work. Students are conducting public performances as part of their final assessments.

After 3 years of dedicated and passionate study for music, Luma Patea has his goal in sights. “I want to get into teaching, and get into teaching vocals,” says Patea.

Another Whitireia student is Chad Va, he says inspiration for their musical arrangements comes from everyday life. “I listen to a song and if I hear a rhythm, the way it moves, that’s where I find it,” explained Va.

Today, Patea and Va both shared their very own special and unique performances to impress the Whitireia lectures.

All performances conducted by the students will take place throughout the week at various locations around Wellington.