Strategy hui to improve Kāumātua Kuia health

By Numia Ponika-Rangi

Today the Ministry of Health met at a South Auckland Marae to talk with kaumātua, kuia and Māori service providers in the health sector, to get their ideas about how the health system can do better at improving older people's health.

The Ministry will give a presentation on what they expect from the meetings, which would help shape a strategy for the future. 

The group is travelling the country, hearing stories and discussing benefits of current health plans and services, and they heard a lot of talk by the elderly about some of the issues which affect them on a daily basis.

As they age, their sight fails, their legs get weak, they have to rely on others to take them to the doctor, these were just some of their concerns,

Ministry of Health spokesman Jim Nicolson says, "the ideas from all the meetings will be collected, a report will be written, a strategy will be designed, and that strategy will decide the scale of funding for elderly health for the next ten to fifteen years."