Māori leader Sir Graham Latimer passes away

Māori leader Sir Graham Latimer has passed away at the age of 90.

Sir Graham Latimer, who affiliates to Te Aupōuri, Ngāti Kahu and Ngāti Whātua was at the forefront of tribal leadership, influencing change.

Some of his achievements include The State Owned Enterprise Act, Crown Forest Assets Act, Crown Forest Rental Trust, Maori Fisheries and Maori Broadcasting. 

He was an extraordinary individual who played a critical role amongst te ao Māori and political leaders of his time. 

Sir Graham's wife, Lady Emily Latimer passed away last year at the age of 86.

Details surrounding his tangihanga arrangements are yet to be announced. 

We'll bring you more on Sir Graham's passing tonight at 5:30pm on Te Kāea.