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The Lost Pearl portraying a love story between Māori and Mā'ohi

By Lynette Amoroa

Māori actor Temuera Morrison is remembered mostly for his tough man character in Once Were Warriors.  

Now he's stepping away from the limelight to pursue a role behind the scenes. Recently, he was in Tahiti directing a love story called The Lost Pearl.

Set on Papeete, the ideal location to capture a love story. 

The lovebird roles are lead by Edmund Eramiha of Ngāpuhi and Vaitea Taura'a of Tahiti. Their story isn't just about love but a reconnection of two cultures.  

Tahiti has a rich Polynesian history which inspired the storyteller  and Te Arawa born actor Temuera Morrison uses his 25 years of experience to bring that history to life. 

The film is set to screen in the New Year.