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Māori Television reports on Kī-o-rahi events across Aotearoa, including the annual Kī-o-rahi Secondary Schools National competitions.

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The sky is the limit for te reo Māori

By Ruth Smith, Tamati Tiananga

Continuing our search for language warriors in everyday life to celebrate Māori Language Week, Te Kāea met with Ranginui Rikirangi-Thomas, a teacher of the Māori language and Physical Education, who is promoting the use of te reo Māori in his mainstream school.


Kīorahi Waitangi Iwi Bowl 2013

By Wepiha Te Kanawa

The ancient game of Kī-o-rahi might be in its early stages, but it's attracting supporters from all around.

This weekend, the Kī-o-rahi Waitangi Iwi Bowl was held, and although this is just its second year running, there were plenty of people showing an interest in the sport.