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Stories of significance from around the world that relate to and impact the Indigenous people.

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Native Affairs – Aboriginal Men’s Movement

Tjilirra Men's Movement

Tonight on Native Affairs, we head to remote Central Australia where a men's programme was created to reconnect indigenous youth with their cultural traditions.  The Tjilirra Men's Movement has also been endorsed by the legendary Flying Doctors service as a way of helping men deal with mental health. 

Noeline Taurua's merits recognised by Australian Netball Legend

Former Australian netball captain Liz Ellis says if Noeline Taurua's team the Sunshine Coast Lightning win the Grand-Final she would be regarded in Australia as one of their most legendary coaches. The Sunshine Coast side defeated the Melbourne Vixens in their major semi-final to host next week's final match.  

Haka video for Mark "The Super Samoan" Hunt goes viral

A video of a haka being performed for Mark "The Super Samoan" Hunt has gone viral with over 1.8 million views online. The haka was performed by members of Gold Coast gym Heartbreak Conditioning and Game of Thrones star Jason Momoa to honour Hunt ahead of his UFC clash against Derrick Lewis next month.

Cliff Curtis confirms NZ a potential hot spot for Avatar sequel

New Zealand has been tipped as one of the locations to film the sequel of Avatar. Movie star Cliff Curtis Maori Television to share his news with our reporter Taroi Black after meeting up with the film director, James Cameron, since landing a new role in this billion dollar franchise.

Claims Māori are not indigenous is disrespectful – Hone Sadler

Ngāpuhi elder Hone Sadler refutes claims that Māori are not indigenous to New Zealand. This comes after Northland historian Noel Hilliam claimed findings from a forensic expert at the University of Edingburgh shows people from Wales, the Mediterranean and China were here long before Māori.

West Papua independence leader seeks Māori backing for self-governance

West Papuan independence leader, Benny Wenda has returned to Aotearoa to gain support from indigenous Māori and Pacific people as part of a campaign to free his country.  It's alleged that the Indonesian province has had wide spread human rights violations over many decades