Topic: Kapa Haka

Haka explained for Denmark locals on national television

By Maiki Sherman

The haka has appeared on a new stage, this time in Denmark, on one of its national television stations.  It garnered around 600,000 viewers, and Te Kāea caught up with the Ngāti Kahu descendant who explained and performed the haka for locals there.

It's the Māori haka, Denmark style.

The eyes of the world are fixated on the haka after a wedding video recently went viral. 

This Ngāti Kahu descendant living in Denmark was then called upon to explain the origins of the haka to locals.
Kane Harnett has lived in Denmark for 18 years and has immersed himself in their culture and language.

When it comes to non-Māori performing the haka, there's often criticism.