Deadly blast rocks Jakarta

By Taroi Black

A deadly blast and a shootout has erupted in one of the world's most heavily-populated Muslim cities, the Indonesian capital of Jakarta.  It's been confirmed that six people are dead and another 24 wounded.  

ISIS claimed responsibility for the attacks in the busy city centre.

Terror strikes again in one of the world's capitals.  Jakarta has been hit by a series of gun and bomb attacks. 

The Islamic State group says its so-called "crusader alliance" launched the attack on innocent victims. All five attackers were themselves killed. 

Police found a terrifying war chest in a Jihadist's rucksack after a five-hour gun battle on the streets, and more pictures went viral around the World.  Indonesian Television released these pictures of a suspect holding a gun. Indonesian President Joko Widodo speaks out to the World. 

A horrific scene only brings back memories of the ISIS-inspired massacres in Paris and California late last year.  Since June 2014, there have been 70 major attacks around the world.

Meantime ISIS still rules its occupied territories in the Middle East (Syria and Iraq) with a cruel rod of iron.